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bad mood.

assalammualaikum everyone :)

hows your day? doing fine?
hm me not :/ ontahhh lahh. im getting stress outttt!
stresss wehhhh because this is the
examination week. huh evethough it's just only UJIAN PERTENGAHAN
SEMESTER. HAHAHA. yess but the pointer for this ujian
will be carry for about 10%. and added to the
so if you want to get 4 flat for your final, 
you must get a high pointer in your ups.
and the bad things is, i dont know how my results would be.

for accounting, maths,english and economy are okay for me.
but business? hm i did mistakes on that paper.
"mula2 tulis jawapan yang betol but then pegi tukar sebab tak
konfirm.lepastu habis exam cek lah kat buku"
and i found that my first anwer was true.
hm i feel so regret. really really regret bcose i changed
the answer. hm macam apa ah! nak mengamuk pun ada!

then i cried and my classmates tried to persuade me
like a baby and cat you know! hahaa 
thats really make me laugh hahaha.
i lovee them very muchh. hahaha
and one of my classmaates was angry at me,
she said "yana! stop crying!"
haha okay then i was shocked and everyone was
laughing at me haha. bcose aku kene marah haha. 
siput betul -.-'

im fine after thatt. 
but not at all. im going back to my room.
and i was on called with my syahmii hehe.
hahaha! i keep nagging at him.
hahah he said "youu takde pape lahh.jangan lah fikir2 lagi"
hahaha still keep nagging and told too many stories. hahaha
and he forced himself to treat me. hahaha! 
sorry syahmi :p
and lastly he said "dah lah i nak tido"
eh then i still ignore what he said and i still continue
 my story at him hahhaa.
 im sure deep in heart, he was like "eee yana niii -.-'
kene layan jelahh akuu" hahaha finally i asked him go to 
sleep for awhile hahahha. 
sorry for disturbing youu :>

im hoping that i'll get the better pointer :) hehe
aminnnnnn. just wait and seee. 

hm im also getting stress and down when hmm ontahlah.
i cant tell about thiss. but i wass really down and sad.
no one know what deep inside in my heart.

okayy lahh malas nak update lagi. bye :P
selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin.
take care. hve a good day! may ALLAH
bless uolls hihi


haiii see up there ^
thatt photooo!!!!!
so sweet isn't?
hahaha omel omel jeaaa :)

eh do you see what is the tittle that updating 
my blog for today? huh it is all about my date of birth :)
27 julai 1995 is my birthday.
are you already wish me?
if you havent wish yet. do wish
me now!!! haha im just kiding

okayy that time i havent back yet.just
stay in matriculation p.pinang. then
i celebrated my brthdy 
with my friends and my sweetheart :*
i spent time very well with them.

my sweetheart gave me the cute
teddy bear. do you want to see?
how cute it is. i was actually suprised.
hm i changed my clothes and keep on trying
another clothes at hi style in fitting room. 
then i showed it to him and asked  for his 
opinion about that cloth. then he said okayy.

then i closed the door and changed 
the cloth back with mine. done,once i opened the door.
 he suprised me with the birthday's song
while showing one of a cute bag.
i was suprised haha but actually i dont know
how to response at that time. seriously.
im not a romantic girl..just to let you know that.. haha

before he gve me the present, he told me first.
hm its was "buang yang lama dulu,then baru i bagi"
huh im really reallly blur that time. huh?
what are you talking about my dear?
but he still gve the present..
i opened it and then i saw a cute teddy bear
 with a nice smell inside the bag.
that smell was his perfume :')

haha i just gve him a smile :)
and said thankyouuu hihii
i really lovee that smell!!! bcose 
i love my sweetheart's perfume

now i knoe that he gve me this teddy
as a replacement for the old one.
actually iit was around 7 years with me. hm since
i was in standard 5. someone gave me.
that teddy bear always accompanies me. i sleep 
every night with it. hm but my sweetheart
want me to just keep it save and
replace the new one. he's jeleousss.
so i can understand but it is too hard for me.

hm okayy i decide to keep it at my home
in the save place.

hey see down hereee!

 it is cute right? haha thankss yoo bie!

i cant wait to go home bcose im too excited
with the present from my parents hahaha.
im homesickkk seriouslyyyy! 
my heart was at home!
tomorrow im going back! yeayyyy

lastlyyy, happy sweet 8teen yana :')
you're already 8teen years old. 
you bcome more older,mature and 
somehow a women wth excllent career..i guess...
so please bhve like 8teen okay?

happy belated brthday to me! hahaa

same goes with my friends for the presents.
thankkk youu yeaa!!!

dats all from me assalammualaikum.